Ben Affleck has a new girlfriend?

Looks like Ben Affleck is trying to find love again. After the split with Jennifer Garner, Ben seemed to take time before they can move on and look for another partner.

But recently there is something special. Batman actor is seen walking along a mysterious blond woman. Ben road with the women on Thursday (5/1) in Beverly Hills.

Ben who is now aged 44 years, invites women to eat sushi as well as visit the bookstore. Even the mysterious woman also had held his arm.

Ben looks casual dress at the time, simply perform simple canvas shoes, gray pants and bomber jackets. Not unlike Ben, the woman also looks casual with a jumper and his Converse shoes.

Ben has announced for Jennifer Garner divorced in 2015 after 10 years of marriage. Together, they have had 3 children funny, that Samuel, Violet and Seraphina.

Jennifer Garner also said that after the divorce, he chose to close themselves from the public and the media. This is done to avoid the comments hurtful. (KL)
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