Prince Harry has already met the father of Meghan Markle

Signs of the seriousness of the relationship of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle increasingly clear only. Not just twinning bracelet or a date, the latest news says that Prince Harry has already met with the father of Meghan.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the meeting was conducted in Toronto, Canada Meghan residence. Far to fly from the UK, apparently the sister of Prince William was not just a date with Meghan, but also to meet his father. Not just a rumor, this news was revealed directly by Meghan stepbrother, Thomas Markle Jr.

"My father knew how their relationship began. He first met with Prince Harry about six months ago when in Toronto. She Toronto once every few months. Meghan and father are very close and they often communications," said the man was 50 years old.

Seeing his daughter dating someone important in the UK, it is clear Meghan make Dad happy. "Dad really yes unhappy about Harry and he is also proud of Meghan. They had a good relationship, very close and always have. Meghan really the same love of Prince Harry," he continued.

Meghan itself previously had reportedly already met with his girlfriend's family during a visit to London last December. Unfortunately, Thomas does not know whether Prince Harry has already met with Meghan's mother or not.

From what Thomas disclosed that it was already proved that the future of relations Meghan and Prince Harry is quite bright. Yes, we pray just hope the love that has been nurtured for more than 7 months it will be anchored to the altar soon. (KL)
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