Trump called peaceful demonstration as a hallmark of democracy

The US president, Donald Trump, Sunday (01/22/2017), mocking hundreds of thousands of protesters in various cities in the US, the day before, to protest against the government.

The US president, Donald Trump

"(I) watched the rally but we've only just passed the election!" Trump said on Twitter from the White House. "Why did not they choose? Seleb hurt."

Prominent feminist Gloria Steinem, pop star Madonna, actress Scarlett Johansson, and other important figures leading a rally Women's March, Saturday (01/21/2017) in Washington DC, as a rejection of Trump's inauguration as the 45th US president the previous day ,

Two hours after the first nudge, Trump returned bercericit, "march for peace is the hallmark of our democracy. Although I do not agree, I respect the right of people to express their opinion."

Trump also boasts a number of people watching the inauguration on television and said, "Wow, just got out of the TV ratings: 31 million people watching the inauguration, 11 million more than the rating four years ago!"

Nielsen television ratings say 30.6 million people watched the inauguration Trump, outnumbered by 20.6 million viewers during the inauguration of President Barack Obama when sworn in a second time in 2013.

However, 19 percent lower than the 37.8 million people who watched the first inaugural address in 2009.

US Residents usually watch the inauguration when the new president was appointed, and the largest number of viewers, 41.8 million was in 1981 when Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president the first time.

Estimated number of participants

Trump, the real estate billionaire who became Republicans, said during a visit Saturday (01/21/2017), to the CIA that the media lied about the number of people who attended the inauguration.

As various media in the region indicate that connecting the National Mall National Monument to the Capitol building empty when he was sworn in, compared to the photos inaugural Obama's inauguration in 2009.

US officials did not mention estimates the official number, but the newly elected president said, mistakenly, that people meet the region National Mall from the Capitol Building, where he was sworn in, up to the National Monument, which was built as a tribute to the first president of the United States, George Washington , Friday (20/01/2017) then.

Trump seems to worry about the efforts of the delegitimation of leadership and accused the television networks showed "empty field" and reported there were only 250,000 people who attended the inauguration.

"It looks a million, a million and a half people," said Trump. "The media lies."

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