Ahead of Elections New Chairman, this PR Supreme Court

Ahead of the election of the chairman of the Supreme Court, a number of issues the apparently still a chore for the judiciary.

Chairman of Commission III of the Golkar faction, Bambang Soesatyo at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (30/09/2016)

According to the Chairman of Commission III, Bambang Soesatyo, the problems that occurred in MA due to the mismanagement.

Factors most frequently complained society, Bambang said, is the lack of transparency manajamen case.

"The public does not have adequate access to know the number of cases, the formation mechanism of the assembly, handling old cases, to the execution of the verdict inkracht status," he said in a written statement on Monday (02/13/2017).

Golkar politician was also requested, that the new chief justice that can restore the role and functions of the justices.

The reason for their role dwarfed. In the process of formulating the internal rules that form the basis for handling the case, for example, not all justices involved.

"So also in formulating the strategic policies for the world wide impact of justice as well as those seeking justice," he said.

In addition, Bambang also highlights the mechanisms promotion, transfer, training, and supervision of judges who still needs to be improved.

According to him, such practices are still fraught collusion and nepotism.

"The good and capable dwarfed, as well as critical removed. As a result, many cases of placement and assignment of judges is not right, either at the district court level to the high court, "he said.

Selection of new chief justice will be held on February 14. Until now, not yet known who the candidates justices who will replace Hatta Ali whose term of office will expire on February 20, 2017.

Judicial Judge at Law and Public Relations Bureau of the Supreme Court (MA), Witanto explains, the Chief Justice candidate will be known on election day.

This mechanism refers to Article 7 a to h MA Decree No. 12 / KMA / SK / I / 2017 concerning the Chief Election Code.

A total of 47 justices will cast one vote, either for himself or other justices, in order to step forward as candidates for Chief Justice.

"All the justices choose a free one name, may choose himself," said Witanto, in Building MA, Central Jakarta, Monday (13/02/2017).

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