Judge MK Call Nobody Irregularities Judicial Law Ranch

Judges of the Constitutional Court (MK) Manahan MP Sitompul said there were no irregularities in the process of judicial review of Law No. 41 of 2014 on Animal Husbandry and Animal Health.

The Constitutional Court

It was announced Martahan after undergoing examination in the building of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for seven hours on Monday (02/13/2017). He was examined as a witness to a suspect Patrialis Akbar.

"I do not exist. Nah nothing at all (irregularities)," said Martahan.

According Martahan, the judicial process with the case number 129 / Puu / XII / 2015 running as usual. The applicant, he added, represented by legal counsel.

Martahan claimed never to establish communication with the applicant's judicial review filed by Teguh Boediyana, Mangku Sitepu, Gun Gun Nugraha Muhamad Lutfi, Asnawi, Rachmat Pambudy and Dairy Cooperative Association of Indonesia (GKSI).

In addition, the call does not recognize Kamaludin Manahan. Kamaluddin is the alleged bribery intermediaries between employers Patrialis Akbar with imported meats, Basuki Hariman.

"With me clearly no (kominikasi) with the applicant. Nah know Kamaludin. What sort of person I do not know," said Manahan.

Patrialis suspected of accepting bribes amounting to 20,000 US dollars and 200,000 Singapore dollars, or Rp 2.15 billion. Provision is alleged that Patrialis aid in favor of testing the material being processed in the Court.

When hand fishing operations, the Commission seized evidence of company documents and vouchers exchange of money, as well as the draft decision of the case.

Company documents obtained when officers KPK arrested the bribe giver, namely Basuki Hariman, and six employees at the office in Sunter, North Jakarta. Basuki said to have more than 20 companies engaged in the import of meat.

Meanwhile, a draft decision on case number 129 was found when officers KPK arrested middleman bribes, Kamaludin, in Golf Rawamangun, East Jakarta.

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