TNI Bust Smuggling Building Materials from Singapore and Malaysia

Smuggling ship building materials and household appliances targeted military operations in Riau Islands waters, finally captured.

Navy Patrol Boats 11-4-64, providing results patrol boats kKementerian Defense to operate in the waters of Riau Islands.

Ship called KM Putra Punggur was captured military personnel of Komandao Armada RI West Region (Koarmabar) through Western Fleet Quick Response Team (WFQR) -4.

"That's right, Sunday, Koarmabar catch KM Putra Punggur which has long been the target of military targets," said Chief Information Office Koarmabar Major Budi Amin via short messages, Monday (02/13/2017).

The process of catching vessel was quite risky. Therefore, Riau Islands waters weather was bad with relatively high sea waves, strong currents with heavy rain in the middle of the water.

However, the ship finally gave up and resigned taken to Pier Yos Sudarso IV Corps Base Lantamal Tanjungpindang sake of further investigation process.

"They deliberately operated during holidays and bad weather because of mistaken TNI was not watching. The team we already know the pattern, it finally caught too," said Budi.

Based on the examination, there is a captain with six crew members. They claimed, smuggling and household building materials were from Singapore and Malaysia for resale in a number of areas on the island of Sumatra.

Budi said, is strongly suspected that the goods initially entered the territory of Indonesia using large containers.

Contraband was then collected at one point and then transported back to another area using smaller tonnage ships.

KM Putra Punggur a small vessel in question. Therefore, it will develop again to catch smugglers larger.

"WFQR TIM-4 have mapped the points of vulnerability, so hopefully the team can move at the right time," said Budi.

Known, catching KM Punggur son is only two days of the arrest of Salwa Ivana KM-1 by Unit 1 Jatanrras Sea WFQR-4 in the same waters. The ship also small smuggling ship tonnage.

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